Thursday, September 15, 2011

We celebrated our first 100 classes !

As I am an ESL teacher I teach my kids twice a week. I decided to celebrate our 100 first classes of English at school.

I was looking for some ideas to celebrate with my kids and found tons of wonderful activities in the web.
I chose these:
Count and color

To download the file- Right click in the pictures

I made these 100 charts with their favourite characters: George and Angelina.

Or you can use this blank chart

Children had to bring 100 things (small ones). Most of them brought 100 stickers, boys brought 100 marbles, two of them brought 100 buttons.
We made a mural with our 100 favourite things.
We played in the playground to Old Simon says. It is a variation of the traditional Simon says. I told them that now Simon is 100 years old (could you believe it?) and he just came up with things like 
Old Simon says to jump 100 times, to count to 100, to stomp your feet 100 times....
We were exhausted after playing that so we sat and sang this song

Happy 100 Day

Tune of "Happy Birthday to You"

Happy 100 classes to us,
Happy 100 classesto ..............(name of group or school)
Happy 100 days to us!
and after that we enjoyed a delicious snack in the playground.
Do you celebrate 100 classes at school? 

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