Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chinese fortune sticks - writing idea

Bundles of these sticks were placed in jars and gently shaken until a few sticks stuck out above the rest, or fell out. Holding the can almost upright, shook gently until 1 or more sticks began to stick out above the others. They took them out, looked up your stick and read your fortune  there.

Real Chinese fortune sticks

Using a can and some craft sticks you can make your own.
Our Chinese fortune sticks!

But I made my own "fortune sticks". I used them as prompts for reading, speaking and writing with my older kids. Print, cut and laminate. You can place the "sticks" in a red jar. Let children shake the jar and pick the card that stick out the others. Ask children to read the card and speak (or write) about it.

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