Monday, January 21, 2013

Chinese New Year symbols

The date of Chinese New Year changes each year but it is in January or February. 
The Chinese New Year is determined by the lunar calendar, it falls on February 8 in China this year, and—due to time differences—February 9 here .
The celebrations last for fifteen days and end with a fabulous New Year’s parade. A dragon is always in the parade.


The Chinese dragon represents wisdom, strength, benevolence, and good fortune.

Everyone has new clothes.

Children receive red and gold envelopes with money inside.

On New Year’s Day thereis a Lion Dance in the streets.There are many firecrackers

Talk with your children about similarities and differences with the celebration of New Year in your country.
You can read the legend of the The Tournament of the Twelve Animals here

Chinese Nursery Rhyme

“You will find when ever the New Year comes
the Kitchen God will want some plums.
The girls will want some flowers new;
The boys will want firecrackers, too.
A new soft hat will please Papa
And a sugar cake for dear Mama”

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