Friday, January 18, 2013

Digging into the dictionary

Do you know that today is Thesaurus day? And do you know what's the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus?

Let's begin with some definitions:

You can use a dictionary to check the spelling, pronunciation, or meaning of a word. It is in ABC order with guidewords at the top to help find your word

Use a thesaurus to find a synonym (word that means the same) or an antonym (word that is the opposite).

This month we will be working with dictionary skills

You will need:
  • a dictionary
  • worksheets
1. What is the title of the dictionary?
2. What is the copyright date?
3. How many pages does it have?
4. What is the first word in this dictionary?
5. Find a word with four syllables

6.How many words are in the “Y” section?

7.What is the longest word you can find?

8.What is the definition of the word dictionary?

9: What is the first word in your dictionary?

10. What is the last word in the dictionary?

11. What is the shortest word you can find?

12. Find three nouns beginning with "V"
13.Give your children a list of words alphabetize and write on a single line or on a mat.

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